MSB – styrofoam-concrete module

The Ostrowo Mogileńskie based, Tom-Dom company, presents you with the innovative Styrofoam-concrete module, used to build various types of external or internal walls in passive and energy-efficient houses.

TOM-DOM is an exlusively polish company. During the 18 years of its existence, the company has taken part in building many wooden houses, community and recreational centres, hotels, eating places, and more.


Because of its various qualities, not only is the MSB module a great substitute for standard walls but it also helps the investor save significant amounts of resources. The Styrofoam-Concrete Module – MSB offers you much more than other products of the type, that is:

  • thermal transmittance of 0,14 kW/m2 (standard walls – 0,40 kW/m2)
  • quick and easy installation
  • high sound resistance
  • high water resistance
  • a four-hour fire-resistance rating in 1000˚C
  • affordability (the panel costs half the price of a standard wall)


The module may be used to build entire appartment buildings, production halls or partition walls. It may also find its use in the modernization of buildings or separation of premises. Besides the aforementioned qualities and affordability, the easiness and cleanness of the installation process is another great advantage of MSB.

The parameters of the module translate into noticeable cost saving both in the construction process and the exploitation of the building. The product has the CE certificate and is patented in the Patent and Trademark Office of Poland under number P.398516.

MSB is recommended by the ex-candidate for the post of the president of the United States, Al Gore, as an environment-friendly product.

The Styrofoam-Concrete Module (MSB) is a type of a light, energy-efficient and environment-friendly wall.

The products assets are, as follows: low weight, high density, water and fire resistance, low thermal transmittance, high sound resistance, high shock resistance (making it perfect for construction on terrains with mining damage), low price, the saving of space during the construction process, cleanness and order at the construction site, and easiness of installation.

Passive houses are true masterpieces of energy-efficient technology.

MSB may be used for:

  • external walls
  • partition walls,
  • fireproof walls
  • basement walls (due to its high water resistance)
  • construction of tank walls
  • energy-efficient houses
  • semi-finished floor plates
  • reinforced ceiling board
  • passive houses.